Jess Smart Smiley draws rad pictures with his bare hands! He lives in Utah, where he spends his days biking, drawing, and cooking. His first graphic novel, Upside Down: A Vampire Tale, comes out this fall from Top Shelf Productions.
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Drawing a forest for this werewolf comic I’m making with Dave Scheidt. (Get it now at

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Drawing a forest for this werewolf comic I’m making with Dave Scheidt. (Get it now at


Paul Harrison- Davies’ Night Terrors

Three children meet up to talk about the strange nightmares they’ve been having…


An interesting article-slash-review of BOO, which dips into horror comics in general and the forerunners to BOO.  A wee bit spoilery in their choice of images, so if you want to come to BOO fresh, then maybe best avoid it.


Our talented designers have done it again! This gorgeous design you see here will grace the cover of a new book by award-winning Spanish cartoonist, Max.

Vapor stars a disgruntled, ascetic-seeking character named Nick, who escapes to the desert for some solitude and spiritual balance. Instead, he finds himself mesmerized and seduced by the procession of the Queen of Saba.

The book is slated to be out by the end of the year. We’ll have lots more previews and info in the next few weeks and months, and presale for the book is up now!

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If anyone who follows me on twitter knows, I kind of hate #arttips and #protips. I hate them so much, I’ve pretty much ran wild on twitter being satirical about it. (ex1, ex2, ex3.) I feel that whenever someone throws out this hash tag, it is meant to be meaningful and helpful while it…

My friend Daniel Fishel has some excellent resources for people just starting out in the illustration world. I figured I’d share some links I’ve also found really helpful: 

1. How To Become a Designer Without Going to Design School Karen created a brilliant teach-yourself-design syllabus; I kind of wish I’d taken a year off before starting college to do this myself had this existed all those years ago. 

2. How to Start Your Illustration Career Nate Williams wrote this really helpful and comprehensive guide to building an illustration career from the ground up; when I was starting out this really helped me. 

3. Why Your Concept Art Portfolio Is Being Ignored Part 1 and 2. I feel like this should be required reading for art school students; it’s not just for fantasy artists either. 

4. Don’t Go To Art School Noah Bradley makes a case for skipping art school and creating your own custom art education for just $10k (considering the price of a private art school, that’s a savings). He has some great ideas here and can certainly be applied in a continuing studies context. Some of his resources are more geared toward fantasy/concept art, but it’s all useful stuff. 

The next few links are just some general reference things I’ve found to be *personally* helpful and aren’t really about becoming an artist, they’re just very handy to have on hand. 

5. World Building Resource Thinking about making a comic or writing a story set in another world? This will help you consider every possible aspect of fleshing it out. Check out this blog’s tags to find even more info about any and every aspect of writing a believable world with believable characters inhabiting it. 

6. Rookie: How to Make a Zine Making a zine is something everyone should do at least once in their life. This tutorial inspired me to make my first zine, Over You Nanook. 

7. Figure and Gesture Drawing Tool One hour every day before anything else. 

8. Citizen Sketcher I personally think everyone should keep a sketchbook, not just artists. This is a great blog about urban sketching that inspired me to get back into it. 

9. Making Comics Master List Faith Erin Hicks was kind enough to compile some recommendations for making comics; I am constantly referring back to it as I wade into the comics world. 

10. Jake Wyatt’s Perspective process. Pretty self explanatory, and very helpful for spatially challenged dyscalculia-havers like myself. 

Hope that helped! Reblog and add on your own useful links if you want :) 



imageThis past weekend, I had the slightly terrifying realization that me and Jason’s Dark Horse book “Tiger Lung”, which I was recently putting the finishing touches on, was ALREADY BEING SOLICITED! It was right there, on page 54 of previews, (order code AUG140080!)

Here’s the solicit…

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The more i look at this the weirder about it i feel. 


New Blobby Boys on VICE today. They’re selling hats to a nice man. Click here.