Jess Smart Smiley draws rad pictures with his bare hands! He lives in Utah, where he spends his days biking, drawing, and cooking. His first graphic novel, Upside Down: A Vampire Tale, comes out this fall from Top Shelf Productions.
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A donut comic page I made.


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Asker iamharis Asks:
Can you tell us more about the cancer which you had and how did you deal with it after you found out about it?
jess-smart-smiley jess-smart-smiley Said:


Sure, I had testicular cancer. Which I was told is one of the more treatable types.

They treated it by removing the nut.(That’s called an orchiectomy. a friend of mine made me watch lots of LOTR to replace the Orcs in my system post surgery) —It was pulled up through my body. I have a scar right above my crotch. and then they tattooed dots on me so they could line me up on a machine every day to shoot me with radiation in order to kill the cancer that had spread to my lymph nodes.

I have lots of stories from around that time, I got sent to a sperm bank where nurses send you into a room with the option to masturbate to nurse porn. 

My publisher at the time, Tokyopop was fucking with the cover I’d done for the 1st King city, and I got to send them an email telling them to leave it alone signed “Serious as cancer” 

When I was recovering I went to the Gilda’s club in Seattle. but I wasn’t really in a place to process anything. 

After I moved up to Canada I think I had to deal with a lot of the emotional so and so that I’d wracked up in my life. I had a year as more of living like a shut in—and then some time dealing with depression. (I’m on medication now that makes me sweat more but helps my brain work) 

A friend of mine who works as a book publisher was telling me that I should do a book about it— but that feels I dunno— disingenuous. I’d rather let it seep into the work. 



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Tibetan Astronomical Chart

I’ve made 4 Halloween books? Sweet!

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Super busy working on a Lovecraft comic, but I took a little break today so here’s a thing that nobody asked for.